Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Works and some Random Thoughts

Wow, it has been a while. Today was an odd day. I was going about my day viewing the various sites that I visit when I noticed that a fellow artist, Dayara, who goes by Jag1 on DevArt was leaving the community. This truly saddened me. He is a super creative and talented artist. He stated that he wasn't being satisfied as an artist, and the site was no longer helping him. I thought, BUMMER!! I understand his need to grow as an artist and an individual, so I respect his decision. He will be missed, but it is not permanently good bye. He does have a Blog. It is . Check it out. You wouldn't be disappointed.

On a different note, I use DevArt and I am currently happy with where it is taking me. However, in contrast, I noticed that no one is really following me here. That is why I have decided to use this as more of a Private-Public Journal. I will throw down art and random thoughts on a whim. Express emotions and events. It will kind of be like Twitter without the feedback. I think it will be good, If only for me. Anyway, on that thought I think I will leave with my lastest work.

Rubi from W.E.T.> My brother was actually who recommended I draw this character. This is for you, love ya bro! :D

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Anna said...

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